Cornelia Neacsu

Road-builder and vertical systematization engineer

Founder of Dynamic NEL Concept S.R.L.; Road-builder and vertical systematization engineer consultant for Leonardo Roberta Architettura 

Cornelia is a road-builder and vertical systematization engineer, who graduated from Bucharest’s Technical University of Constructions (Faculty of Railways, Roads, and Bridges).

With over 30 years of activity in the field, Cornelia is an engineer and consultant specializing in the vertical systematization of exterior surfaces such as roads, road platforms, parking lots, sidewalks, and pedestrian areas for industrial buildings and constructions in general.

Her portfolio of works includes projects prepared for internationally and nationally renowned clients, including S.E.A. – ROMANIA S.R.L., HORNBACH IMOBILIARE S.R.L., ROMSTAL IMEX S.R.L., H.ESSERS INVESTITII S.R.L., ROMCARTON S.A., SALZGITTER MANNESMANN DISTRIBUTIE S.R.L., SUN GARDEN MANAGEMENT S.C.S., BIOFARM S.A., MOL ROMANIA PETROLE S. MOL ROMANIA PETROLE. etc., but also projects made for the Romanian State regarding objectives such as universities and schools, for C.F.R., as well as state and private hospitals, industrial halls, commercial spaces, fuel distribution stations, hotels, housing complexes, etc.

The consultancy offered for Leonardo Roberta Architettura consists in the realization of specialized road projects and vertical systematization of the ongoing projects, especially within the industrial platforms, where a project prepared with care and professionalism is necessary to correspond to the needs of the beneficiary.

Hobbies: The lifelong passion for flowers and gardening has changed over time in bringing the same flowers and their beauty on canvas, in oil. She also enjoys the pleasure of hiking and skiing. And, as it’s never too late to do what you’ve always wanted to, but you didn’t find time, dance and tennis have recently joined her list of hobbies.