Roberta Leonardo

Senior Architect

Founder of Leonardo Roberta Private Architecture Office (Leonardo Roberta Architettura)

Roberta Leonardo is an Italian architect with signature right in both Italy and Romanian. In addition, she is a member of OAPPCRC and OAR Bucharest.

She worked during her employment years, and, also after she debuted on the international market with her own design company, along with several internationally renowned companies: H.Essers Investitii SRL, Sun Garden Management SCS, Bauelemente Reinvest SRL, Magnetti Building SRL, Romcarton SA, Pirelli Romania (WDP Romania / AIC Industrial and Logistic Development Romania), Varoed Imobiliare SA, Salzgitter Mannesmann Distributie SRL, Tiemme Systems SRL, Augsburg International Impex SRL, Kastamonu, Green Future SRL, Gebruderweiss, Saipem, Alinso Group.

Using the knowledge acquired during her studies in Italy and her activity in Romania, Roberta designs and offers consultancy to the beneficiaries, in order to achieve the most optimal and harmonious space in which to carry out her activity

Hobbies: Travel, Sports, Sailing, Cooking, and Reading.